Passion Stories

from our JCC family

Portrait photo of young female-presenting person smiling with the quote "It's hard to describe, but it's 100% different than any other gym." in regards to the JCC

“What I love most about the JCC is the sense of community. It’s hard to describe but it’s 100% different than any other regular gym. The trainers are more personable, the babysitting room and sitters are more than caring, the classes are incredible, and I’ve just loved getting to know all of the people I get to work out with daily.

I gained around 60 pounds while pregnant with my oldest son. I was able to lose about 30 pounds after having him but then plateaued. While pregnant with the twins, I was able to keep my weight in control, but I wasn’t able to lose much.

I decided to try GRIT when one of the ladies promised me that it would take my fitness to the next level, and she was so incredibly right. GRIT pushes you past your ability (or what you thought your ability was) and I’m literally shocked by what I am able to achieve week to week.”

– Emily, 27
JCC start weight: 164 lbs.
Current weight: 134 lbs.
Overall inches lost: 9.75

Male-presenting, white JCC member, arms crossed, wearing black shirt with Fire Fighter association logo crest.
“In October 2012, I weighed 420 lbs. If I did not change, I was going to die at a very young age. I can’t even explain how the trainers at the JCC have helped me. I chose the JCC because you won’t find this anywhere else. The people here are real with their own stories and experiences that keep me going. They are always checking up on me, encouraging me, and recognizing me for my accomplishments.” – Josh

Portrait of female-presenting, brown-skinned person smiling wearing a khimar. “As a Muslim woman, people view me differently. A lot of people comment on the way I dress and my religion. Not at the York JCC, though. I have never felt anything but comfortable inside these walls. When I come here, I know my children are safe, and I am too. Up until last year, I was terrified of water. At 51, I felt it was finally time I learned how to swim. And, for the first time, I swam in the ocean this past summer. The relationships you form here are so special and the people are one-of-a-kind.” – Kalimah