YOU are the Heart of the JCC

When Ron Kalman moved to York, he found himself searching for a place that provided a culture similar to the one in which he was raised. He was introduced to our Family Services department’s social groups (formerly JFS of York), where he learned about the York JCC.

Throughout his adult life, Ron encountered a series of challenges, including the loss of both of his parents. During that time, the JCC remained a constant, grounding presence in his life. The JCC became more than a community – it was his home.

Today, Ron participates in fitness activities and volunteers with the JCC Momentum Movement for those with mobility challenges, as well as the J Ride Staying Connected transportation program.

“From the moment you enter the building, you get a hello and a smile. From the locker room to the gym and beyond, there is not a person who doesn’t know your name,” Ron said. “You don’t find that everywhere.”


Please join Ron and continue being part of the heart of the JCC family. Make your annual gift today, because generous donors like you help the JCC maintain its strong commitment to building relationships, inspiring well-being, and creating opportunities for our entire community.

Early Childhood Education

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Health & Wellness

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Senior Engagement

Provide social enrichment and engagement programs for seniors.


Culture & Arts

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