Holocaust Memorial

“The Six Million”

Photo of the York JCC Holocaust memorial relief sculpture in the main lobby. It had been a long-held dream of the York Jewish Community Center to create a fitting memorial to those who perished in the Holocaust as a permanent reminder for generations to come. On May 4, 1997, that dream was realized with the dedication of our Holocaust Memorial Sculpture, “The Six Million.”

Designed by internationally-recognized artist Don Briddell, the 20′ x 9′ wall sculpture – fashioned in clay, then cast in resin and painted – portrays an endless sea of men, women and children as they step forward from the darkness and horror of the past into the light of our world today. Their faces are familiar, carved from photographic likenesses of those who died in the Holocaust. Hopeful and expectant, they portray the powerful strength of the human spirit – old relatives and friends coming to meet us again, after many long years of separation.

As we stand before them, we must ask ourselves whether we are ready to greet them in good faith. Has our world changed since the dark days of that terrible legacy? Have we abolished hatred, prejudice and intolerance? Can we say with confidence, “Never again”?

About the Artist

Maryland-based sculptor Don Briddell holds a degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. A former Peace Corps volunteer and world traveler, he has won numerous awards and honors for his carvings. In 1985, he and his wife, Victoria, established Overboard Art to produce limited editions of his work. Presently, he is represented by 230 dealers across the country. Briddell’s work can be found in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution, Ward Foundation, the Herrington Collection of Nashville, TN and the Hoffman-Angstadt Collection of Reading, PA, as well as in private collections throughout the world.

Read more about the Holocaust Memorial published in Hayom Today in 2005. The article explains many of the symbols and intricate details used in the sculpture. Click here

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Donor Support

Created over the course of one year and nine months, “The Six Million” was made possible by generous contributions from the York community. The Holocaust Education Remembrance Fund is an ongoing resource that supports efforts to provide outreach and educational programs to schools and other organizations, and to maintain “The Six Million.”

To make a contribution, contact the York JCC Development Manager. To set-up an appointment for a personalized explanation or a Holocaust educational program at your venue or the JCC, contact Rachel Singer.