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  • York JCC   2000 Hollywood Dr.   York, PA 17403
  • PH: 717.843.0918   FX 717.843.6988
  • York JCC   2000 Hollywood Dr.   York, PA 17403
  • PH: 717.843.0918   FX 717.843.6988
  • York JCC   2000 Hollywood Dr.   York, PA 17403
  • PH: 717.843.0918   FX 717.843.6988

Climate Assessments

I want everyone to feel welcome and respected in my school, business or organization.


  • Provides a baseline measurement for how people feel; measures strengths and areas of opportunity.
  • Three types of assessments for students, educators, support staff, families, management, employees, board of directors, members and suppliers:
    1. Surveys
      We create, administer and analyze surveys designed to quantitatively assess how welcome, safe and respected children and adults feel within the school, business or organization
    2. Focus Group and Interview Research
      We conduct focus group and interview research to gather more in-depth qualitative information that assesses how people feel
    3. Observational
      We conduct observational assessments to document behaviors and interactions that further discloses a sense of the climate
Sometimes what we think to know to be true isn't the truth. Having a pulse on the atmosphere and relationships provides both quantitative and qualitative data that may reveal information, especially subtle information that stands in the way of a school, business or organization achieving its goals and objectives.
  • A student who worries about being bullied at recess doesn't focus on her academics.
  • An employee who doesn't feel his input is valued will eventually shut-down.
  • An educator who feels disrespected and misunderstood doesn't give 100% in the classroom.
  • A volunteer who leaves feeling offended or unappreciated is unlikely to give of her time and financial support again.
Climates where people feel:
  • Welcome (they belong);
  • Safe (emotionally, socially, and physically);
  • Respected (they can be themselves and it's OK); and
  • Connected (they have relationships built on respect, trust, caring and honesty).
The JCC's Climate Assessments provide a lens into the health of the relationships within a school, business or organization, including 1) student to student, 2) student to adult, 3) adult to adult, and 4) adult to student. The deliverable of the Climate Assessment is a comprehensive written report that includes the strengths and opportunities. The JCC partners with a school, business or organization to help implement "quick wins" and create action plans for long-term initiatives.

Hear what some participants had to say about Climate Assessments:

"I was surprised at the number of students who reported that educators do not say hello to them as they enter the classroom. This is a quick and easy thing that we can implement to help our students feel more welcome."

"The findings from the assessment gave us valuable information to help us focus our efforts in creating an atmosphere where everyone is respected and valued."

"The climate assessment results proved that our perception of how people are feeling isn't quite what we believe. Now we have an idea of the areas where people aren't feeling as connected as we want them to and we can begin to address it."

Examples of Graphs from a Climate Assessment Report