Lou Lavetan

Lou has been a life member of the York Jewish Community Center, having served many different times and in many different capacities. He likes to tell his favorite story about fundraising for the “new building” 32 years ago, where he stood in the deep end of the swimming pool after it had been excavated for the event. It had wooden planks all around it and he had knee high mud boots on; his job was to explain to people where they would be swimming. In addition, he was one of the original sandwich makers at the very first Jewish festival, and Lou is proud to say that his kids grew up in this building.

Additionally, Lou has been an active member of SCORE for 17 years, and served in a leadership position for the Four Chaplains Memorial Prayer Breakfast for the last 13 years. The JCC and his family date back four generations as his Great-Grandfather (Louis) was the first President, his Uncle Ben served for 8 years in the 50’s and, most recently, his daughter Dani served the role as President just 7 years ago. To Lou, the JCC is more than an institution – it is his family’s home.