Susannah Gillespie

BS Biology from University of Maryland College Park: College of Life Sciences, NETA Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED, USAGF Certified Coach (United States Gymnastics Federation), and Sports Nutrition

Areas of Expertise:
Strength and flexibility training, nutrition, goal setting for both short and long term success

How do I motivate my clients?
I love finding solutions for clients so they can make the most of their time in the gym and at home.  Challenging them to try new techniques and build their strength safely where they might not have realized they had that ability – it’s a joy to watch!  I hope everyone leaves a session with a smile and a sense of accomplishment!

Favorite Foods:
Mangoes, crab, coconut, and avocados! (But not together – that could be really strange!)

Hear what Susannah’s clients have to say about her:
“Susannah has been my health mentor and coach for the last 16 months. She was so inspiring that I first started working on health goals with her! She is a wonderful leader and mentor. The dedication she has is something I aspire to emulate. She motivates me so much to better myself. Susannah has helped me reach personal goals in fitness and wellness. She is an excellent listener, and the one thing that impresses me is her problem-solving skills. Susannah is fantastic at coming up with solutions. I find that to be most helpful when working through challenges. If you are looking for someone with a smile and sparkle, solutions, and who truly cares about helping you, then Susannah is the trainer/coach/mentor for you.” – Amy G.

Want to train with me?
Phone: 717.843.0918