Aquatics at the JCC

For fun and fitness

The York JCC’s aquatics program offers the following amenities:

  • 6 lane, 25 yard indoor pool (kept at 84-86°F) and is 4-8 feet deep
  • 10 person whirlpool (kept at 104°F) located on the pool deck
  • Wet sauna
  • Dry sauna

The pool offers water aerobic classes, lap swimming, swim lessons, and free swim. 

Land Class Schedule

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Upcoming Aquatics Schedule

We also offer lifeguarding, CPR, first aid, AED, water safety instructor, at various times throughout the year.

Aquatics Center Renovation

We are excited to announce our upcoming Aquatics Center renovations, including extensive modifications to the pool deck, a complete re-plastering of the pool and whirlpool, and installation of state-of-the-art filter, gutter, and draining systems.

Beginning December 17th, the pool, whirlpool, and sauna will be closed for approximately 3-4 months in order to complete this critical work. We will provide you progress reports throughout the duration of the project, including the approximate date for reopening.

The Aquatics Center renovations – the first in 30 years – will provide the JCC a beautiful and refreshed space for our children, members, and staff. Once complete, the renovation will ensure that we are able to serve every family, every day, for many years to come.

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Water Fitness Class Descriptions

Aqua Fit improves overall strength and endurance using water resistance and low-impact training in shallow water while increasing range of motion.
Aqua Zumba incorporates dance and fitness moves to mostly Latin music.   This class offers cardio conditioning and body toning while splashing, twisting, and laughing.
Arthritis is a certified Arthritis Foundation program aimed at those suffering from arthritis and other joint problems. A physician’s approval is recommended.
Stretch-N-Flex is a mild cardiovascular program designed to improve balance and stamina. Perfect for beginners and takes place in shallow water.
Tone-N-Flex will get those muscles in shape while working your heart. This is a higher cardio class.
Water Cardio is a fast-paced cardio workout in the shallow end.
Water in Motion is a high-energy, calorie-burning workout. To view a video of the program visit:
Water in Motion Platinum is a shallow water, low-impact class that offers deconditioned participants a fun workout. To view a video of the program visit:

Group Swim Lessons are taught in accordance with the American Red Cross standards. Parent and Child classes are available for children 6 months to 4 years of age. Levels 1-6 are available for children 4 years and older. We also offer specific stroke and turn clinics for competitive swimmers.

We are honored to offer a variety of aquatics programs.


• When entering the building, members will be asked to swipe their membership card at the front desk, non-members will be required to show ID and sign in to the building.
• There is a women’s, men’s, and family locker room available to change into and out of swimming suits and showers that can be used after class.
• Children 6 years of age and older are to use the same gender locker room or they may use the family locker room with a guardian.
• Parents and spectators are not permitted on the pool deck during swim lessons.
• There are no make-up classes for missed classes or classes that are canceled due to inclement weather.
• If there are special needs or concerns, please email before the start of the session.

Parent and Child Aquatics Group Lessons

Ages 6 months – 4 years
This class is designed for children and their parents with the purpose of familiarizing children with the water and teaching swimming readiness skills. In addition, you are provided with safety information and techniques used to help orient children to water. Children are to wear a swim diaper if they are not potty trained.

Preschool Swimming Level 1 Group Lessons (4 - 5 Years)

At the first level, children start developing good attitudes and safe practices around the water. This class is for children that are new to the pool and have never taken any swim lessons before or swam without a flotation device.

Preschool Swimming Level 2 Group Lessons (4 - 5 Years)

Students will build and refine the basic aquatic skills learned in Level 1 at a slightly more advanced degree.  This level marks the beginning of independent locomotion skills.

Preschool Swimming Level 3 Group Lessons (4 - 5 Years)

Students grow the skills learned in Levels 1 and 2 by providing additional guided practice of basic aquatic skills at more proficient performance levels and greater distances and times.  Skills in this level are performed independently.  This class improves coordination of combined, simultaneous, and alternation of arm and leg actions.

Group Lessons Level 1 | Intro To Water (6+ Years)

Intro to Water

Participants learn elementary aquatic skills and basic water safety to help them feel comfortable in the water. This class is good for those that have not taken swim lessons before or swim with flotation devices on in the pool.

Group Lessons Level 2 | Fundamental Aquatic Skills (6+ Years)

Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Learn to float without support and to recover to a vertical position. This level marks the beginning of true locomotion skills. Those entering this class should feel comfortable in the pool but still require assistance to swim in the pool.

Group Lessons Level 3 | Stroke Development (6+ Years)

Stroke Development

Participants will learn the survival float, front crawl, and elementary backstroke while building on previously learned skills. The scissor kick, dolphin kick, and diving will also be introduced. Those entering this class should be able to swim half of the pool independently without out help.

Group Lessons Level 4 | Stroke Improvement (6+ Years)

Stroke Improvement

Participants will improve their skills while increasing distances, using the learned stroke (front crawl/elementary backstroke). Swimmers are taught arms for scissor kick, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly Those entering this class are able to swim the full length of the pool independently on their front and back.

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