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7 Snacks That Promote Healthy Sleep Habits

access_time April 22, 2021 - By Jessica Montour

By: Ann Agapis, York JCC Life Coach: Getting the recommended seven (or more) hours of sleep per night can benefit everything from our immune system to our mood. Unfortunately, more than a third of Americans struggle to reach this goal. A healthy diet plays an important role in loading up on the zzz’s.  It is… read more »

Autism Acceptance

access_time April 16, 2021 - By Jessica Montour

By: Emma Nowak, Lead Teacher/Parent & Family Education Coordinator April is Autism Awareness month, but this year you might be seeing some different information. Why is the autistic community shifting from awareness to acceptance? As our world and culture evolve, we as individuals and our language must evolve with it. We are all well aware… read more »


access_time April 16, 2021 - By Jessica Montour

By: Danny Amon, JCC Fitness Center & Personal Training Manager THE MYTH: The Protein Window, AKA the “Anabolic” Window THE REALITY: Despite what you may have been told by the average gymbro in the wild, you won’t “lose your gains” if you miss the mythical 30-minute window after exercise where you supposedly *must* consume protein…. read more »

Why I love working at the York JCC

access_time April 14, 2021 - By Jessica Montour

By: Megan Sheely, Lead Classroom Supervisor When I think back on my journey working here at the JCC, I can’t help but think about possibilities.  When I rewind to 10 years ago and think about how scared I was after just losing my job of 13 years, I can’t help but laugh a little because… read more »