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How To Start Your Running Journey

access_time May 12, 2021 - By Jessica Montour

By: Ann Agapis, York JCC Life Coach: With the spring weather finally here, many of us are looking to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The benefits of running have persuaded many beginners to lace up and hit the streets, trails, and tracks. Running outdoors, when performed properly, is an effective way to keep our… read more »


access_time April 16, 2021 - By Jessica Montour

By: Danny Amon, JCC Fitness Center & Personal Training Manager THE MYTH: The Protein Window, AKA the “Anabolic” Window THE REALITY: Despite what you may have been told by the average gymbro in the wild, you won’t “lose your gains” if you miss the mythical 30-minute window after exercise where you supposedly *must* consume protein…. read more »