Early Childhood Education Fundraising

ECE Family Dinner Fundraisers

ECE Family Dinner Fundraisers are held throughout the year at various local restaurants as part of our effort to build “family togetherness” and “community” within our school and community. These events give families an opportunity to get together outside of ECE hours. Funds earned through ECE Family Dinner Fundraisers are used to support ECE Family Group events and projects such as Family Play Dates, Parent Book Club, Teacher Appreciation, etc. Information regarding ECE Family Dinner Fundraisers will be posted as events are scheduled.

ECE Family Group Fundraiser Mission

The ECE Family Group understands that families are busy and not everyone has the time, means or interest to participate in some fundraisers. For these reasons, the ECE Family Group does not choose any fundraisers that involve our families other than as volunteers for fundraiser support occasionally when needed. The ECE Family Group also makes all efforts to offer fundraisers that promote family togetherness and building community and/ or fundraisers that will benefit the ECE from things families already do (ECE Family Dinner Fundraisers, etc.). The purpose of the ECE Family Group is to support our families and staff in all that we do and fundraising allows us to fund “extras” such as special activities and projects as well as provide opportunities to promote our group goals. ECE families are never required to participate in any ECE Family Group projects or activities, including fundraisers, but we hope that everyone will support our fundraising efforts if/ when convenient.