The Fun Doesn’t Stop at J-Club

Providing exceptional before, full-day, and after school care

Our J-Club program provides a secure, fun place for your child to come and play and learn outside of school hours. These programs were created specifically with your child, grade K+, in mind.

Whether you are bringing them here before school, after school, both, or for a full day, they will be well cared for. We provide an opportunity for your child to socialize, play outside, swim, relax, participate in sports, play board games, take online classes, and more. If they choose to tackle their homework, we provide a quiet room and guidance should they need help. Our job is to assist you as a parent and meet the needs of your child.

School Districts that We Serve:

York Suburban School District

J-Club Blended Care: Before and after school care on school days as well as full-day care on forward learning days.
Weekly Cost: Members $150 | Non-Members $180

School Day Care* (2 Days/Week): Before and after school care on the day school is attended.
Weekly Cost: Members $50 | Non-Members $80
*Please Note: This offering is only applicable to Valley View and Indian Rock families.

J-Club Full-Day Care (3 Days/Week): Care on the day school is not in session and for learning is taking place.
Weekly Cost: Members $90 | Non-Members $120



Dallastown School District

Before & After School Club: Student is served breakfast, lunch, two snacks, and has recreational use of the gymnasium, pool, art room, play yard, and auditorium (during applicable times).
Weekly Cost: Members $119 | Non-Members $133

Before School Club*: Student is served breakfast.
Weekly Cost: Members $91 | Non-Members $95
*Please Note: There is an additional fee applied for snow days and days school is not scheduled.

After School Club: Student is served two snacks and has recreational use of the gymnasium, pool, art room, play yard, and auditorium (during applicable times).
Weekly Cost: Members $109 | Non-Members $118



J-Club Vacations

A sign-up sheet will be provided prior to a scheduled school closing to register your child’s attendance for J-Club Vacation. If you are paying Before School Care only, you must pay the full or half-day rate below in addition to your normal fees for half days, in-service days, school holidays, or snow or emergency closings. If you are paying Before & After School Care or After School Care only rates for either kindergarten or school age, there is no additional charge during school closings.

Full-Day Care
Members $70 | Non-Members $80

Half-Day Care
Members $50 | Non-Members $60

We’ve Been Voted #1 in Child Care Numerous Years in a Row

York Sunday News Best of York Country 2017 Child Care awardYork Sunday News Best of York Country 2018 Child Care awardYork Sunday News Best of York Country 2019 Child Care award


Recognizing that the quality of our program rests to a large extent on our staff, we recruit individuals with a strong interest in supporting the growth and development of school-age children. The staff undergo a comprehensive background check and receives state-mandated child abuse training. Staff complete at least 24 hours of training annually on such topics as child development, age-appropriate program and activity planning, and effective guidance for school-age children. The staff has regular meetings with the J Club Director to review program policies, children’s behavior, and current trends. In addition, staff receive annual training on Pediatric first aid, CPR and child abuse prevention. Our J Club Director is responsible for adhering to the standards set by the state of Pennsylvania for Keystone STARS-STAR 4 and the Department of Public Welfare school-age child care programs. They supervise staff closely, meeting formally with the team once per week.

School Transportation

York JCC Location:
Valley View Elementary
Indian Rock Elementary
York Township Elementary
Ore Valley Elementary
Leaders Heights Elementary
Dallastown Area Intermediate School

York JCC Location for Additional Cost:
East York Elementary
York Suburban Middle School
Yorkshire Elementary
Dallastown Area School District Schools

Dallastown Area Intermediate School Location:
Dallastown Area Intermediate School
Loganville-Springfield Elementary

If your family lives in Suburban or Dallastown Area School District, but your child attends a school outside of the district (Montessori, St. Joseph’s of York, etc.) or is in an LIU classroom, you may still be able to attend our program if these schools transport the children to our building. Please contact your district for more information.

The York JCC Education Information and Philosophy

Our Early Childhood Education Program seeks to provide an educational environment that fosters each child’s self-image, curiosity to learn about the world, and confidence in his or her developing physical, intellectual, and social skills. Our intent is not to teach a selection of specific skills in preparation for the academic world of the elementary school. Rather, it is to instill in children an image of themselves as capable learners. It is to provide each child with an environment rich in possibilities for child-initiated and directed, teacher-supported learning, through active exploration and play. At the JCC, we believe that the best preparation for the academic work of the years ahead begins in an early program that nurtures children, reinforces their natural disposition to ask questions and find answers, and strengthens children’s ability to function as both strong individuals and as caring members of a child-sized community.