Award-Winning Diversity Services

Serving schools, businesses and organizations since 1995.

Providing ways to embrace diversity and make the world a better place.

Diversity Is when the backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values and beliefs of All people are viewed as assets and learning from those assets occurs.

Diversity Isn’t  a melting pot. It’s like a mosaic, where individuals keep their uniqueness and come together to create a beautiful picture. Embracing diversity is when the differences in others are viewed as assets and learning from the differences occurs.

Diversity Mission

To provide a variety of diversity services to children and adults in school, business and organizational settings designed to eliminate prejudice and encourage respect for differences.

Diversity Vision

Our dream is for all people to feel welcome and respected.

JCC Diversity Belief Statements

  • Each individual is worthwhile and unique.
  • Differences are important and positive.
  • Prejudice is learned and therefore can be unlearned.
  • Prejudice is real, identifiable, and needs to be discussed openly.
  • Individuals can learn to respect differences at any age.
  • To reduce prejudice, individuals must be aware of their own biases and evaluate them periodically.
  • Continuous reinforcement of prejudice reduction is essential to make a difference.
  • Hearing stories changes hearts. It’s hard to hate someone whose story you know.