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Get Real

A powerful and impactful experience that changes the climate of high schools and the hearts of students.

Our assembly and large group presentations provide key diversity messages and lessons through an entertaining and motivational approach.

The Get Real program reduces put-downs, labeling, name-calling, rudeness, ridiculing, stereotyping, bullying, discrimination and violence in schools while bringing about positive changes in attitudes, behavior, and knowledge. High School students are interviewed and selected to be trained as Get Real Peer Leaders and assist the JCC in presenting this experiential program to their peers. They lead small groups in discussions where students “get real” about the things that are weighing heavily in their hearts and minds and work with the school administration to keep the spirit of Get Real alive in their school year-round.

The Get Real Program:

  • Breaks down walls of misunderstanding between groups of students to create safer schools.
  • Promotes a positive sense of self worth and respect in students.
  • Encourages a better understanding of differences and similarities in people.
  • Empowers students to become diversity advocates.
  • Prepares students for life in a diverse society.
  • Supports a positive school environment.
  • Encourages students to respect and discuss their differences.
  • Helps students embrace differences and learn to treat them as unique, positive qualities.
  • Fosters empathy and changes hearts

Hear what some participants had to say about the Get Real program:

“I would like to thank you all for allowing almost 100 of our students, from a variety of grade levels and “groups” within the school, to come together yesterday for our Get Real Day! It was an extremely valuable experience for them all (as well as us), and I wish you could have seen the transformation the majority of our students experienced throughout the day’s events. At the end of the day, after participating in team building activities and sharing both laughter and tears, many students shared that they had a new perspective regarding students they never thought they would understand, relate to, or have anything in common with.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a Peer Leader. I gained more confidence and feel empowered to stand up to hateful words and actions.”