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Keep Your Favorite Tea Healthy & Beneficial

access_time April 28, 2021 - By Jessica Montour

By: Ann Agapis, York JCC Life Coach:

Tea is considered a healthy drink to make part of your daily diet.  Drinking certain teas, such as green or black on a regular basis have been shown to provide several health benefits, including aiding in weight loss and providing antioxidants. However, if not prepared properly, your tea could sabotage your health and wellness goals.


Below are a few mistakes to avoid, keeping your favorite tea healthy and beneficial:

  1. ADDING TOO MUCH SUGAR – It is best to drink it plain, but it is ok to add a little something sweet, such as honey or other natural sweeteners. Try to keep it minimal and remember adding too much will add useless calories to your daily intake.
  2. ADDDING TOO MUCH CREAM – Just like sugar, adding too much cream or milk is detrimental to your daily caloric intake. If needed, measure out a small amount before pouring it directly into your tea.
  3. DRINKING IT PREBOTTLED – There are a few healthy options out there, however most bottled iced teas are loaded with sugar. Make sure to check the nutrition label to monitor your sugar intake.
  4. DON’T OVER STEEP YOUR TEA – Steeping your tea for too long can add too much caffeine for those looking to cut back. Either stick with decaffeinated or only steep for 3-5 minutes. This will also prevent it from tasting bitter.

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