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Reflections of Israel by Matt Scarpato

access_time May 1, 2020 - By Erin Levine-Krynock

Before I had the opportunity to travel to Israel, I did not consider it to be in my top 10 travel wish destinations. After I had the wonderful opportunity, I would easily rank it in my top 3!

Our trip to Israel gave me the feeling that I was on the edge of my seat, not knowing what was around the next corner. Being incredibly rich in world history, culture, incredible businesses and innovation, there is something to interest anyone. It is hard to pick a favorite experience, but I found the culinary experiences and the way the country relies on innovation to be the most fascinating.

Trying to innovate and create new opportunities is something that will be front and center in my approach to my work. Being able to adapt quickly and create new programs for our members is now more important than ever. On our trip, we had the opportunity to volunteer at a unique non-for profit that collected over produced produce or slightly less desirable looking produce and created a network to feed the country’s hungry. It was moving to see creative solutions to universal world problems.

Israel should be on everyone’s ‘must travel’ list. If you have the opportunity to go, it will be life changing!