Austin Lerch


  • ACE Personal Trainer Certification

Areas of Expertise:

  • Calisthenics
  • Jump Training
  • Functional Fitness

Fitness Journey: 

My fitness journey has taken a meandering path. Soccer, skateboarding, jump training, calisthenics – all have, in their own time, taken precedence over all other pursuits as the primary focus of my athletic efforts. As I have grown, learned, and ventured more deeply into the world of fitness I have adopted a more holistic approach to training.  I want to have the endurance to keep up with my daughter when she plays at the park, so I train for cardiovascular health. I still enjoy playing basketball and soccer, so I train intently for healthy joints and the ability to move explosively. I continue to pursue increasingly difficult calisthenics skills, so I train for strength, mobility, and balance. Movement without limitation is my enduring goal.

Want to train with me?
Phone: 717-843-0918