Michelle D’Ettorre

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, B.S. in Athletic Training

Areas of Expertise:
Pre- and postnatal exercise and ballet conditioning

How do I motivate my clients?
I believe a comprehensive fitness program should extend from the fitness center to the kitchen, and I always have a recipe for both your workout and your dinner.

Hear what Michelle’s clients have to say about her:
“Michelle has made working out, going to a gym and sweating it up the most fun experience ever!  I’ve never felt at ease in a gym situation because those environments always intimidated me.  She makes me feel so comfortable and at ease that I can’t wait to come back… She will always be my 1st choice as a trainer because of her patience and kindness.” – Monique D.

“Michelle helped me in making much progress in a relatively short amount of time.  Some of the bone structure in my right ankle has degenerated and it has caused me to limp and to have pain in my foot, especially after walking for an extended time.  I have been wearing a brace for over a year that I wear when I walk.  I have been doing the exercises she taught me and with the work we do in my training sessions I can already see an improvement in only 4 weeks.  I’m not limping as much as I had been and last week I went to Hershey Gardens with my family and was able to walk around the gardens for several hours without my brace!  I was truly amazed.  I thought that this was just something I had to live with but thanks to her it is not.  I’m looking forward to continued improvement. ” – Karen L.

“I originally contacted Michelle about personal training because my one-year-old son was having separation anxiety, making it difficult for me to get to the gym – Michelle suggested we book the studio and I bring him along. She used novel approaches to reintroduce my body to fitness and included many things I could do at home or while holding my son. As he became more comfortable in the babysitting room, my goal was to become fluent in the weight room. Michelle took the time to show me how to effectively use each machine and gave specific suggestions about how to improve my form and target specific muscle groups. Every session was different and challenged me to introduce new modes of exercise into my solo sessions in the gym. Michelle communicates clearly, is patient, and very fun to work with. Her workouts were insightful about my limitations and abilities to reach a little farther and I’m looking forward to working with her again.” – Erika B.

Want to train with me?
Email: mdettorre@yorkjcc.org
Phone: 717.843.0918