Susannah Gillespie


  • BS Biology from University of Maryland College Park: College of Life Sciences
  • NETA Certified Personal Trainer
  • USAGF Certified Coach (United States Gymnastics Federation)
  • SoulFusion
  • PWR!
  • 200hr YTT
  • Special Strong
  • Sports Nutrition

Areas of Expertise:

  • Special populations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nutrition

Fitness Journey:
My fitness journey is an untraditional path. I was a competitive cheerleader and gymnast throughout my school years. Once I retired, I no longer had a focus and my overall health declined. I ended up gaining weight after college when I got married and became pregnant.  Deconditioned, I ultimately injured my back and was in significant pain. The road to recovery reignited a love of fitness in a new way. I felt so much better about myself, got comfortable in my body again and felt like I could be a better version of me for me and for my family.

Getting certified to be a trainer, competing and winning a bodybuilding competition, journeying into yoga and other mind/body modalities: I enjoy learning new training methods and being able to present a wide variety of options to everyone.  Meeting people where they are at, finding what truly motivates them, is the key to a great training relationship. Ultimately, coaching individuals both physically and mentally to achieve their best health moves people beyond physical achievement and into a greater total wellness.

Phone: 717.843.0918