Please follow the parking signs and enter through the back of the building during lobby construction. We will be closed from 6:30 PM on 9/27 to 5:00 AM on 9/29 for Yom Kippur.


Offering the complete package for your family

We believe that fitness is more than physical. It’s a mental state of being as well. When you’re fit, you’re ready to take on the day with no hesitation and find a greater satisfaction in life. That’s why we offer the full package for all ages and body shapes and sizes.

Our personal trainers, small group trainers, and group fitness instructors tailor their workouts and tips to your end goals, regardless if they’re physical or mental. Then after a hard workout, consider taking some time for yourself to get a massage and relax.

We also have different levels of aquatic classes and lessons if you find you enjoy the water more than the weights.

And to wrap it all up, we have classes with our onsite nutritionist so you can continue your fitness journey, even if you’re not able to make it into the J.

We want to make sure we supply you with the full package so you can reach your full potential.


Join Our Family

We aren’t just “a gym.” We are a community. When you join the J, you join a place created for our members and the needs they may have, whether that be fitness, educational or cultural. We provide a supportive, inclusive environment that many of our members call “a home away from home.”

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