Danny Amon

After a youth spent playing various sports without ascending beyond the level of mediocrity, I discovered the weight room. From there, I embarked on a lifelong journey of at times recreational weightlifting, and at other times competition in strength sports like Powerlifting and Strongman. While I was never an elite competitor, I was able to set and continue to hold multiple Kentucky state records in Powerlifting and won a local Strongman meet.

I have a BS in Psychology and an MS in Exercise Physiology (Biomechanics emphasis), and I picked up personal training first as a side job. I made it a full-time career before my wife and I moved to York. The JCC was both fortuitous, given my proximity, and the best possible fit, given the core values of the organization and amazing community represented here. My career mission is to use my background in the fitness industry and gym culture to help cultivate a lifelong love of fitness in others, and along the way help to strengthen the wonderful community I walked into.

Lest I be thought of as a one-trick pony, my interests outside the gym include cooking, reading (and listening to audiobooks), rock-climbing, hiking, and traveling anywhere and everywhere that I haven’t yet experienced. I’ve recently added home improvement to my list of hobbies…with middling results.

I love talking to people at the JCC, and I hope to make you feel as comfortable here as I am.

Phone: 717.843.0918 ext. 184