Volunteer Your Time

There is More than One Way to Support the J

Thank You for your interest in volunteering with us.

Your presence here makes a positive difference in our community. Volunteering will open doors to new experiences and allow you to make an impact in a variety of ways. This is, without a doubt, a team effort. Your energy will be contagious and spread to others and to the programs you are taking part in. Your positive spirit can motivate others to take action towards the cause as well.

With your help, we can reach and engage people who may have never thought about the J as a non-profit or a place to volunteer. You won’t only be making an impact on our members, those who attend our programs, and our Mission & Vision. You’re also helping to expand our community efforts.

Volunteering is reciprocal, and we hope that you will receive as much from the process as you give. Contact us today!

Who Can Volunteer?

  • Anyone ages 16+
  • Anyone with a desire to do good and make an impact on the York County community
  • Unfortunately at this time, we can’t facilitate court-ordered volunteer service

What Will I Need to Volunteer?

Federal, State and local laws and regulations, require all volunteers to obtain security clearances prior to beginning to volunteer with the JCC. All volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Agreement, Volunteer Application and submit the following clearances: PA Child Abuse Clearance, PA Criminal Record Check, and a National Sex Offender Registry Verification. Additional FBI Fingerprinting and Mandated Reporter Training clearances are required for special programs.

Required to Submit: 

Additional Requirements (Based for special programming): 

Volunteers will obtain clearances at their own time and expense. Volunteer work can’t begin until the results of the background check are received and reviewed. 

Please submit your completed forms or any questions to jcc@yorkjcc.org.