This athletic space was specifically created for all fitness levels and experiences

Our number one goal is to make sure that whatever path you choose on your fitness journey, you’re able to accomplish it in a safe, clean, welcoming environment. This isn’t “just a gym.” It’s a full fitness center – an athletic space designed with every fitness and experience level in mind. Regardless of your type of training – functional, weightlifting, powerlifting, HIIT, speed and agility, or steady-state cardio – our fitness center is equipped with the tools and community support you need to not just meet your health and wellness goals, but to totally demolish them.

Our cardio area is filled with fat-burning, muscle-leaning, endurance-strengthening equipment that ranges from a basic treadmill to our multifaceted lateral elliptical/stair climber.

Our strength area is strategically crafted with butt-kicking, muscle-building, power-producing equipment that ranges from free weights and kettlebells to platforms and plate-loaded machines.

Our functional training area and three open studios are loaded with all the tools you need for a sweat-inducing, heart rate-increasing workout, ranging from medicine balls and battle ropes to TRX and punching bags.

To top it all off, our elite staff is specially trained with your satisfaction in mind. We’re here to give you the leg up on your workouts when needed and the motivation and support to keep you on track.

Here’s what we know without a doubt: people stick to their goals more easily with a support system, and we’re here to build a community of wellness around you. Our fitness center is open to children as young as 10* which means you’re able to get the entire family involved in a life-long journey of movement.

*Children between the ages of 10 and 12 must pass our free FitKidz program before working out in the fitness center with parental supervision. Children 13 years and older may work out without going through the program and without parental supervision.