It all starts here.

Before they become great athletes and lifelong movers, they have to start somewhere. Children need to learn the basics, develop skills and practice fundamentals. The best place for them to start is right here at the York JCC. Children thrive in our classes taught by patient and supportive instructors knowledgeable in child development. We are your child’s first positive experience with youth sports & movement!

The JCC is your place to enjoy both organized and recreational sports. These classes present healthy exercise, discipline, team spirit, positive self-esteem, competition, and a chance to interact with peers. As a SPARK agency, our programs are designed to provide lots of activity while being academically integrated. We encourage healthy lifestyles and focus on improving motor skills and movement knowledge, as well as social and personal skills.

A Place for your Toddler to Play!

Kids Gym Program

Designed for caregiver and child(ren) to enjoy coming to the gym to socialize with peers in a free-play environment to explore and play using a variety of age-appropriate equipment that includes tumbling obstacles, beach balls, hula hoops, tunnels, and more. Have fun playing while socializing, increasing physical activity, playtime, and gross motor coordination skills.


Time to Tumble!

Explore and play while using age appropriate tumbling equipment! Qualified facilitators will teach the basics of tumbling.