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Danny Amon


Degree(s)/School:  University of Kentucky (both Undergraduate and Graduate studies)  BS in Psychology, MS in Exercise Physiology/Biomechanics (pursuant)
Certifications: CSCS (pursuant)
Areas of Expertise: Resistance training across all age groups and experience levels, strength and conditioning for athletics, programming in competitive powerlifting, and foundational principles in nutrition.
How I motivate clients: I primarily use targeted positive reinforcement while stressing the importance of consistency. On a broader scale, I seek to help clients over time build on a foundation of the basics of wellness that moves  into a more complex system of health management. I firmly believe in the power of the individual to accomplish their health goals and will remind them of their innate strength of will as often as necessary.
Favorite Foods: Anything I’ve had the time to research, obtain the ingredients for, and cook at home. But I can always default to a perfectly cooked steak.