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Ruthie Miller

Certifications: AAAI: American Aerobic Association International for 1) Personal Training, 2) Adult fitness, 3) Strength training and conditioning, and 4) Yoga.
Areas of Expertise:  Rehabilitation, Functional training for all populations, Kids Training, Sports training and Weight Loss.
How I motivate my clients:  I am very clear, upbeat and honest with my clients. I try to making the “hard work” fun and I like to provide praise and encouragement that will energize and drive a client towards their goals.
Favorite Foods: Egg/cheese sandwiches, broccoli and shrimp with rice, hot wings, and a good ‘ole juicy steak!

Hear what one of Ruthie’s clients has to say about her:
The JCC has an outstanding training program and it includes a phenomenal trainer, Ruthie. I had back surgery 2 years before I began training with Ruthie. She is flexible and works with my schedule. On rough days when I don’t feel like going to the gym, I think of my trainer and become motivated to get to the gym and get it done! She also checks in with me after workouts to see how I am doing and even suggests homework to help set goals for my continued success. I have lost over 30 lbs. and 3 pant sizes in less than a year. She is knowledgeable in different activities to use according to my limitations due to my surgery (and future knee surgery in 6 months). Without the JCC’s trainer program, I would never have the success I have attained today.


— Renee B.