Small Group Training

Where Fun and Effort Meets Team and Results

Love the idea of group fitness but want the more targeted experience of personal training at a fraction of the cost? Meet their child – Small Group Training. Train with and get the support from 4-10 other people and your coach.  Our coaches pride themselves on meaningful relationships, last change, high quality and variety in their classes, and customizing each experience to their clients.

Some of our most popular Small Group Training classes:

  • TRX + IRON
  • Operation PT
  • Athlete Training (Ages 13-16)
  • Beat the Clock (Ages 10-13)
  • Build Your Own

Not sure if this is the right training style for you? No worries! Try our Small Group Training demos for free at the beginning of our sessions and get a taste of what you can accomplish.

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For more information, please contact our Fitness Director.