Stefanie Sorkin

Stefanie Sorkin and her family relocated to York in 2015 from upstate New York. She is the proud mother of twin daughters, and two younger sons. She received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Pennsylvania State University, and her Master of Science in Exercise Physiology from George Washington University.  Her professional experience includes athletic training of college and high school level athletes in various sports from gymnastics to football, hockey to tennis.

Stefanie has become an active member in many parts of the York community. She volunteers at York Suburban schools where her children attend, is a Co- Vice President of Communications at Temple Beth Israel, and is a current member of York’s Life and Legacy Committee.  She has served on JCC’s board for 2 years, and is now serving on the Executive Board as secretary.  She is most interested in continuing to enrich both the Jewish community and greater community at large.

When the Sorkins relocated to York, the JCC welcomed them to the community and served as a hub for social, cultural, and familial activities. She hopes to be able to enhance these aspects of community life so other families may experience the same.